Future Holds Hope in the palm of it’s Hands


Hope is a powerful thing. The dictionary defines hope as “A feeling of expectation”. I think it’s fair to say that recent tragic events that have shaken our world have caused people to lose hope. Hope for their lives to change, hope for a sickness to end, and hope that one night they won’t cry themselves to sleep missing a loved one. Losing hope is dangerous, and in my opinion more dangerous than losing faith.  

What about giving the word “hope” more respect than the word “feeling” has to offer. I think it deserves much more credit than that. Feelings can change in an instant. Someone can walk into a room and change the feelings of the people that occupy it, faster than the blink of an eye.

However, the word “expectationin the definition suggests that there is a future ( Jeremiah 29:11). Possibly, a future that has the capacity to hold abundant life for you.  Future holds hope in the palm of its hands, and to me that’s incredibly powerful.

Remember that little girl swinging on a grey and creaky swing-set fighting for hope, hope for something more? She was swinging with all her might to get high enough to see just over that red barn.

My hope today that as you read this you being to swing with all your might so that you too can see over your “red barn”. That one day your life will change for the better, hope that your sickness will end, and hope that one day your heart will heal.

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