Shine Hope: What are you doing for others?

” Life’s most persistent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?'” An infamous quote by the incredible Dr Martin Luther King Jr. This question continues to burn in my heart with passion, leading me to ask you, “Fellow humans, what are we doing in this life if we aren’t helping others?”

I believe that we all have to account for the life we lived while we were on this earth. I wonder if one of the questions we will be asked is this, “What kind of impact did you have on others? Did you hurt a lot of people did you help a lot of people?” Could you imagine if the growth of our valiant spirit is determined by the positive impact we have in this world?

If doing something for another human being was a daily intent, not only would you be positively filling up the worlds cup, but in turn you are also making an incredible impact on yourself! Living a life helping others surely molds you into something magnificent in the process.

5 positive things that come from helping others:

  • Spreading hope in a world that is thirsty for it
  • Fulfilling a need for another human being
  • Molding yourself into a stronger kinder person
  • Showing your children, not telling…remember they watch everything you do!
  • Attracting like minded people -if you are attracting like minded people just imagine what you can accomplish together.

Sounds nice and fuzzy right? Try this action step: has initiatives that you can start doing today! Sign up!


What are you doing for others?



Hope in Health- Disease Prevention

We all know that the life we live on this earth is short. If you are reading this then more than likely you have been effected in some way by a life stealing illness. The leading cause of death is  Disease and it is running rampant in our world; taking the lives of children and many  loved ones.

Research shows that many of the diseases out there are preventable! Shining Hope is dedicated to sharing education and tools to help you take control of your health so that you can live the abundant life you deserve.


  • 30 minutes of exercise per day. Get moving!
  • Double up on  your daily servings of fresh fruits and veggies
  • Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night
  • Schedule your health screening
  • Eliminate  processed foods from your diet

What value do you put on the health of you and your loved ones?

Invest in your health now so you don’t have to pay for it later. To learn more about taking control of your health with easy tips and tools fill out the form below:







Fighting for hope



One of my earliest memories I have is swinging on a grey and creaky swing-set; on a beautiful farm when I was about four years old. There was a red barn  that set in a clear low valley and every time I sat down on that swing it was my priority to get high enough to see over that red barn.  I remember thinking, “If I can just get high enough to see over that barn, I know I will be able to see what else is out there.” Pretty radical thoughts at the tender age of four.  Well, I still have those radical thoughts and that four year old little girl was a dreamer with a creative imagination. Except, life’s trials blew her little light out for a awhile, but somewhere deep in her spirit lied a will to fight, to fight for the hope of something more.

This is just the beginning of my story. With Shining Hope’s blog I will fill in the blanks. By doing so, I hope to inspire you and share some resources with you that helped me climb out of the darkness and back into the light.  Stay tuned…….